28. 7. 2014 Rotting Immortality preview on YouTube!

A full song "Dark Seed" published! Enjoy!


25. 7. 2014 We are signed to WormHoleDeath!

It's official. We are signed to WormHoleDeath. Press release here.


25. 7. 2014 CDs are at home!!!



26. 5. 2014 Album artwork finished!

Revelation of Rotting Immortality artwork! From first sketch to the final. Thanks Patty & for excelent work!


26. 5. 2014 Mastering is finished!

The mastering is finished and well done! Both Jonny and Dan have made a great job and the sound of Rotting Immortality is excelent! Thx guys!


10. 5. 2014 Dan Swanö will master Rotting Immortality!!!

Dan Swanö will master Rotting Immortality in his mastering studio Unisound!!! Swedish multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer standing behind many top-class metal bands will finalize the sound of our debut album!


19. 3. 2014 Welcome Michaela!

Thanks everybody who came to the Night Of The Damned!!! It was super great gig for us. You were fantastic guys! Actually this was the first gig after we came back from Italy, where we've recorded Rotting Immortality - our debut album. It was a pleasure to return back to Prague! At the moment our baby is in hands of the producer Jonny Mazzeo, MathLab Recording Studio and we are waiting impatiently for the first mixes. 

That evening we have also introduced a new member of Passion For Sorrow family! The beautiful lady, who joined us to record guest vocals for Rotting Immorality and at the end decided to continue with us to the future.
Welcome Míša!



16. 3. 2014 EN version launched!

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