It’s not that long when Passion For Sorrow has started invading Prague’s underground music clubs, making local metal fans surprised by its contrastful synergy of death power, gothic beauty and doom sadness.  Despite a “new in the town” band, Passion For Sorrow has been immediately recognized and invited to gig with some of the leading local bands like Assessor, Unborn or Nocturnal Pestilence. Recently has also supported the tour of Czech gothic rock legend Greedy Invalid.

The roots of the band’s production are inspired by Scandinavian death metal hailing Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Amon Amarth or Opeth. In contradiction to the death metal vocal barking and heavy riffing, there’s simultaneously spice of emotional melodies supported by classical orchestra instruments. All this were first time reflected on the band’s demo recording, which consisted of four songs telling stories of doomed love, melancholy, horror and despair with a bit of “light in the tunnel”. Produced and engineered by the band’s front man Fedor Furnadžiev in 2009, the demo gathered some nice reviews:

Where sorrow and anger meet” - 77%, hells_unicorn at

PASSION FOR SORROW doesn’t play that 100 times heard” – 9/10, Maťo Kimlička at Slovak Speed of Light e-zine

After acquaint with the first release of Passion For Sorrow, there are no doubts that guys knows how to write a good quality song“ – 7/10, Björn Backes at German e-zine

By the power of melody with connection to guitar work, there is a band in the former federation (Czechoslovakia) which have practically no competition“ – unrated, Tamara Sawicka at Czech Pařát magazine

Passion For Sorrow was based in 2008 as a home recorded hobby project in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s creator (and today band’s front man) Fedor has started it when he moved out from home country (Slovakia) towards post-gradual professional career. He had to sacrifice his home death/doom band Alone In The Dark, which was basically the predecessor of Passion For Sorrow.

At the new place Fedor has decided to not give up with music but didn’t know any musicians willing to form a band. So he has started on his own. With a very basic equipment (POD Studio) he managed to record the first version of the project’s demo. Later there were intentions to form a band but it was always a problem to find the right people. Instead, Fedor have joined doom metal band Et Moriemur and it became his main musical focus for next few years. Regardless some more trials and short cooperation with former members of Alone In The Dark, project was more less dead.

Restart came in 2012 as finally the right people are found – Jan Hagyari (drums), Miroslav Kuťák (lead guitar), Robert Pilch (bass) and Pavel Medonos (keyboards). After short preparation, new crew kicks-in to Prague’s underground music clubs. A nameless band “steals” the audience of headliners at many events by its interesting and unique mixture of heavy stuff and catchy melodies. “Basically it’s all a straight line barrage of catchiness that somehow manages to embody death metal yet otherwise sound almost nothing like it“ as said by hells_unicorn in his review on

The band refreshed the headline few more in times. In 2012 Pavel has left, after that the band uses keyboards from playback. In 2013 guest star David Viktorin (Unborn, Post Mortem) replaces temporary Miroslav until new guitarist Michal “Hříbek” Peths was found. At the same time gig activities were decreased in order to finish material for the upcoming first full-length album.

At the end of 2013 the band signs to Italian label Worm Hole Death for world-wide release of the debut album.

In January 2014 Passion For Sorrow hits Mathlab Recording Studio in Italy to record its debut album “Rotting Immortality”. In the album, Passion For Sorrow presents their own version of how the living death classics has started, taking us to the time before the death infection has taken over the world as we know it from the movies. The story is rather filled with mysticism, occultism and gothic romance then sci-fi.

The band has decided to have female vocal featured in Rotting Immortality. That was done by Michaela Hagyari, Jan’s wife and a great singer singing in Nightwish revival band called Nightfall! Even thou she sings only few songs on Rotting Immortality, the band has welcomed her as a regular member and plan to do more female sung songs in the future.